DIA consult

DIA Consult is founded in 1996 as a firm providing legal services and support in the field of civil law.

Our desire to provide comprehensive service to our clients led to broadening of the specter of our services.

In 2005 Attorneys at Law Antoaneta Dimolarova, Rozalina Gradinarova and Partners was established and united the clients of DIA Consult and of the newly joined attorneys in the field of legal services under the Bar Act.

DIA Consult continues to perform consulting activities in the field of finances, taxes and accounting services.

DIA Consult works in co-operation with highly qualified economists and auditors.

DIA Consult provides:
  • Accounting services;
  • Financial-accounting analyses;
  • Tax consultation and protection;
  • Social insurance and health insurance consultation;
  • Commercial and tax registration of companies;
  • Declaring of data to the National Revenue Agency, the Employment Inspection, the National Statistics Institute, etc.;
  • Drawing up of contracts, offers and internal company documentation;
  • Processing of personnel remunerations;
  • Employees files, drawing up and registration of employment and civil contracts, completion of employment and social insurance books;
  • Pay-rolls, payment documents and company certificates;
  • Processing and keeping of initial accounting documents;
  • Drawing up of accounting reports and registers;
  • Drawing up of ledgers and reference-declarations according to the VAT Act and presenting them electronically to the National Revenue Agency;
  • Annual closing of accounts;
  • Drawing up of statistics forms;
  • Consolidation of reports.